Vintage Aloha Shirts

Lasting a mere two decades and beginning more than a half century ago, the golden age of Hawaiian shirts has left an enduring fashion legacy. Once you have worn a World War II-era vintage silky rayon Hawaiian or aloha shirt, you begin to understand what attracts so many zealous collectors who are sometimes willing to pay what seems like incredulous sums of money for what many people refer to as just a shirt. It is these very qualities, however, that has helped the Hawaiian shirt mystique retain its popularity. Some of the words used to describe the experience of wearing a vintage rayon Hawaiian include liberating, exhilarating, energizing, fun, cool and neat. In addition to the immense enjoyment that one receives from owning and wearing these shirts is the knowledge that they have proven to be a worthwhile investment, not only financially but to help preserve what has become part of our American heritage.

(excerpt by Dr. Gary L. Moss, OD, MBA)